Google Domains Launches in U.S.

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“Here’s how easy it is to get online” beckons Google Domains, which is now open for anyone in the United States to register domain names.  The background image evokes a feeling of doing productive work in a relaxed, stress-free environment. The banner flag is kind of Pinterest-ey. That’s probably on purpose. Home business people and bloggers will find the simple Blogger integration and built in website building tools attractive.

Google offers registration of 60 different gTLDs, but they don’t shove them down your throat. You have control over which ones you want to include in your search.  .Com domain registrations are priced at $12/year and most of the new gTLDs range from $20 to $50. That’s not the cheapest, but small business owners won’t mind paying a few extra dollars for simplicity and integrated features. Experienced domainers and tech folks may appreciate the break on their eyes and the respite from loud and constant upselling they endure at GoDaddy et al enough to pay a few extra dollars, too.