New TLDs and the .TV extension

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I’ve been watching a bit of the news on all the new TLDs coming to market this year (see the comprehensive list of over 1,000 TLD extensions at I guess you could say I’m underwhelmed. Sure, the registries and the usual insiders are going to make a lot of money. And I recognize the obvious value of some TLDs to some people, like the dot-Brands,  .Vegas, .Club, .RealEstate, and perhaps a few others. It is not surprising that the Las Vegas Review-Journal would renames its job classified section to RJJobs.Vegas, as reported today in TheDomains. It makes sense for them and other Vegas related businesses to utilize the .Vegas extension, especially now that it’s so hard to find anything Vegas reasonably priced in the .com market.

I do wonder, however, if the market’s getting over flooded to the point of customer confusion. I question the need for .anything and .everything – how hard is it, really, to find or I have never had too terrible a time finding .com domain names to match commercial businesses in my area.

I don’t see anything on that list that has the global recognition or universal appeal that the .TV extension has for content that is television, streaming, or video related, but to each his own. Ultimately, I think the new TLDs will help the dotTV extension to gain even greater acceptance from end users by reducing the fear and stigma of alternative and country extensions that GoDaddy and others have perpetuated in the past (OMG! Tuvalu is sinking!) . With all the specialization and categorization the new TLDs allow, and the greater acceptance of ‘whatever makes most sense right of the dot,’ .TV stands out even further because of the global recognition of those two famous letters and what they represent.

For an expert domainer’s perspective on .TV, check out Page Howe’s video, “Why I Like .TV.”