.TV and other TLD Sales Records at DnPric.Es

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I was doing further reading on gTLDs this morning and the question came up whether there were many confirmed sales in the gTLD market. It turns out that some people have done alright by registering TLDs during pre-release and flipping them (see that report here), but more exciting for me was stumbling upon this wonderful resource for researching domain name sales data: DnPrice.es!

DnPrice.es is a brokerage site specializing in domain name acquisition. They also maintain a database of over 600,000 premium domain name sales. I did a quick search of “.TV” and was returned a comprehensive list of top .TV domain name sales, which you can see here. The site also allows for free download of 1,000 sales records and sharing of up to 100 of them on your website, or you can pay license fees to obtain the top 10,000 ($99), top 100,000 ($499), top 300,000 ($999), or all 450,000+ sales ($1,499).

Please note that I have no affiliation with DnPric.es. I am just sharing what I think is an excellent research tool that can help buyers and sellers to establish a fair value for their domain names.