.TV Sales at Sedo – Week Ending Feb. 15

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Four solid four-figure .TV domain name sales have been reported by Sedo this week:

bao.tv $9,200

toca.tv $6,549

crap.tv $6,000

crafters.tv $1,500 (reportedly purchased by Hallmark)

crochet.tv domain name
Of the four listed, Crafters.TV is my favorite. I love this domain name for the same reasons I love Crochet.TV; it’s in that DIY-green-natural-crafting-lifestyle-Pinterest-Etsy-Makesmith niche where tons of video content meets tons of interest and popularity. And it’s big business. Crafting was reported to be a $30 billion industry in 2012, and is expected to continue growing annually through 2017.

Crap.TV is a pretty cool use of .TV, too. There is more than enough Crap TV content out there to warrant its own channel or fifty-seven. If you’re looking to publish video content on the opposite end of the spectrum, check out SweetAss.TV.